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Artical picture Episode Date Heading Media
Mini019.jpg 2019.09.17 Introducing The Missing Cryptoqueen
Mini019.jpg S01E01 2019.09.19 Dr Ruja
Mini019.jpg S01E02 2019.09.19 The Bitcoin Killer
Mini019.jpg S01E03 2019.09.26 More than just a coin
Mini019.jpg S01E04 2019.10.03 Miss OneLife
Mini019.jpg S01E05 2019.10.10 What dreams may come
Mini019.jpg S01E06 2019.10.17 The Überflieger
Mini019.jpg 2019.10.24 A message from the airport
Mini019.jpg S01E07 2019.10.28 In Plain Sight
Mini019.jpg S01E08 2019.11.04 The technology and the dream
Mini019.jpg 2020.07.29 A message for listeners
Mini019.jpg S01E09 2020.08.06 Follow the money
Mini019.jpg 2022.09.23 Coming soon...
Mini019.jpg S01E10 2022.09.28 The Dubai Files
Mini019.jpg 2022.10.14 Introducing Burn Wild – Episode 1 – The Elves are watching
Mini019.jpg S01E11 2022.10.19 Operation Satellite
Mini019.jpg 2022.12.22 A short update
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