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"Take the money and run and blame someone else for this..."
- Ruja Ignatova's vision -
About Onecoiners: "These ppl are idiots."
- Sebastian Greenwood -
"... the network would not work with intelligent people"
- Konstantin Ignatov -
4, Dec 2022

OneCoin / OneLife scam

Question for a OneCoiner
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Letter form:
OneCoin's Lawyer:
Bjørn Bjercke's Lawyer:

Crypto Xpose Videos



FBI Ten Most Wanted!

Link to FBI Ruja Ignatova

Link to FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

The Scammers:


ColdFusion good jobb!

Good jobb Joshua Milesm, but you did massivly bager my name Bjorn Bjercke = Jawn Jakka?!? :)

From the BBC - The Missing Cryptoqueen - the true story about OneCoin

Bjorn Bjercke
The Missing Cryptoqueen 19.09.2019

The Legal Case

There will be no IPO

"OneCoin does not operate in the United States – because its operation would be illegal"

Belize NEW Warning

CSSF warns against Onecoin Luxembourg

Finland police on the case

Italy's Competition Authority takes action against OneLife

Siam Kidd good jobb!

Ruja Ignatova is a Wanted Criminal

..."The police has also booked two Bulgarian nationals in its chargesheet,
including Rjua Ignatova, the founder of the Ponzi scheme."

Do you really want to invest in OneCoin OFC, like Ruja said?

Ofc onelife.png

OneCoin falsified licenses, affirms the government of Vietnam

Are you sure OneCoin is a Cryptocurrency?


Features of Cryptocurrency’s are: Features of OneCoin are:
Finite supply of coins Defined 2,1 billion than changed to 120 billion supply of coins on Oct. 1, 2016. However, 129 billion OneCoins exist on Oct. 17, 2016.
Accounts cannot be frozen Accounts get frozen for being critical and asking questions.
Transparent No transparency
Fully decentralized All centralized
Searchable Blockchain Unable to search, no transaction ID or timestamp
All information available sins the genesis block 30-day old financial transactions get deleted.
Node based blockchain network SQL Database (with "blockchain app" according to Zain Khan)
Censorship resistant Strong Censorship
Decentralized / Flat structure Centralized / Hierarchical structure / Pyramid
Scale from pseudonymous to fully anonymous Control Identity / KYC (Not really)
Open Source software Closed Source software
Permission-less innovation Controlled team of innovators
Verifiable proof of work/stake No verifiable cryptography
Consensus across the network Consensus by Ruja Ignatova

All Norwegian Members of OneLife might face Legal action

Norwegian Gaming bord, "Lotteritilsynet", sent a letter to OneCoin / OneLife lawyer the 6th of June 2017.
Click her to read the Official letter.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes

Fantastic article in the 160yr old Award Winning Magazine The Atlantic:

OneLife BAN in Tax-Haven

One Life Network Limited directed to cease and desist by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC)

120 Billion finite supply

All the OneCoin's in the world and THEN SOME in the fake blockchain - Block #22431
OneCoiners can't do math so I will do it for you. Her are 9 228 309 954.52314758 OneCoin's more than ever will exist!
Did someone make a boo boo in the SQL database?
Check Block #22431 yourself:

Do not invest in OneCoin

OneLife transperant.png
  • I have work on Bank IT systems most of my 19-year career. OneCoin is the least transparent system I have ever encountered. The users don't even see a timestamp on the transactions or a transaction ID.
  • "Global" is a major exaggeration as it is banned in Belize, China, Colombia, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda. OneCoin is also under criminal investigation in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, and Vietnam.
  • "Cryptocurrency", now how can it be that as it has no cryptography or a blockchain.
  • "For Everyone", yet another lie as it is not available for any of the citizens in the country above legally also many people have been separated from their money as the company freezes your account if you start asking the wrong questions.

OneCon on the BBC



Official statement form Bjorn Bjercke
I have in my possession evidence that OneCoin has never had a blockchain.
Also Marcelo Garcia Casil, CEO of DXMarket, has confirmed (Proof) that the OneCoin whitepaper is for a future OneCoin system.
I have reported all my findings to the Police authorities trough out Europe and Asia.

OneLie / OneCon

On the 8th of mai 2017 Kari Wahlroos and OneCoin CEO Pierre Arens told a lie on stage in Macou, China!
They announced the whitepaper that describes the OneCoin blockchain.
  Pierre Arens said:
  "The company is called DXMarket" ( Website: )
  "The cofounder and CEO of the company conducted the audit himself and wrote the whitepaper himself."

  I chatted with Mr. Marcelo Garcia Casil Founder and CEO at DXMarkets.:

  • 10:27am CET Bjorn: Hi Marcelo Garcia Casil, I would like to have a skype conversation with you regarding the Onecoin blockchain. Pleace connect with me on skype: -CENSURED-.
  • 10:30am CET Marcelo: Hi Bjorn
    I'm pretty tied up this week, but may have time this Friday, morning time (I'm in -CENSURED- at the moment), does that work for you?
    Otherwise you could message me your enquiry.
  • 10:39am CET Bjorn: 1. well first, when was the blockchain operational.
    2. Do the transactions happen in the SQL database or on the blockchain.
    could you send me a copy of the onecoin whitepaper? -CENSURED-
  • 10:59am CET Bjorn: This is a very urgent matter and according to OneCoin / Onelife they have over 3 million members. All the members are waiting on the results of our conversation.
  • 11:28am CET Marcelo: Hi Bjorn, I'm pretty tied up at the moment but as I said we could speak this Friday. I can't send you the white paper, you need to get it from the OneCoin staff directly. I'm bound by NDA and therefore I'm not allowed to distribute their material or to comment on their IT infrastructure beyond what I elaborated on the white paper.
    I'm not affiliated with OneCoin Limited in any capacity and therefore I can't comment on their behalf.
  • 11:30am CET Bjorn: why are members unable to check their transactions from the blockchain. Why there's no transactionIDs on transactions only traditional records on OneLife BackOffice.
    there are not even time stamps on the transaction in the user wallet.
  • 11:31am CET Marcelo: I honestly don't know the answers to those questions.
    The work I've done was not based on their existing IT.
  • 11:32am CET Bjorn: ok, mmmmm what is it based on ? a future system?
  • 11:41am CET Marcelo: Yes
  • 11:49am CET Bjorn: Thank you this was all I needed at this time.
  • 11:50am CET Marcelo: No problem

Macou Main event

Read the Onecoin white "Toalet" paper here.
Compere it to Bitcoin Whitepaper.
BTW! The word Blockchain is NOT mentiond in the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
  Today's event in Macou, China. It's been a busy day, as OneCoin / OneLife members and media from around the world have kept me busy most of the day. Mostly, OneCoiners are very disappointed about the statement made by the OneCoin founder Ms. Ruja Ignotova which did not get applauded, when she walked off stage. The blockchain and whitepaper was promised two weeks ago and many times earlier but I guess Ms. Ignotova was too busy partying so she did not have time to do her homework or focus on her customers. Writing a whitepaper after applying a technology seems ridicules anyway as you write Whitepapers before the technology is developed as a sort of Proof of Concept before countless hours of coding. We will see if Kari Wahlroos can pull out some magic out of his hat tomorrow, when he apparently will be in the spotlight for presenting the whitepaper.
  Ms. Ruja Ignotova's message was very clear, "I recommend to you to change as many coins as you can in OFC." Now what are OFC's according to

  "It is not a financial instrument and has no inherent value – it can be acquired for free in the OneLife Network."

  "Please note that the OFCs are not a financial instrument and have no monetary value, therefore it is not possible to sell or exchange them for products or currency of value. They do not grant any ownership, voting or similar rights and do not guarantee any financial return in themselves."
  Finally I will leave this to the victims:
  Kübler-Ross model or the five stages of grief.
  • 1. Denial – OneCoin is real cryptocurrency, on a Privat blockchain or maybe SQL database, any case I can get a lot for them I think?
  • 2. Anger – OneCoin is not what Ruja said it was. I don't think it is a cryptocurrency even, Ruja had not even disclosed the whitepaper on the old blockchain.
  • 3. Bargaining – Maybe I can get 100 iPhones on DealShitter....Mmmmm.
  • 4. Depression – No, no, no..... I have been fooled, I have fallen for the tricks of a Con.
  • 5. Acceptance – Well, its going to be fine, is not like I took up a loan to buy OneCoin or that a company full of criminal have my KYC, my address, my passport etc.


My name is Bjørn Bjercke, I'm a blockchain professional from Norway. OneCoin Ltd., with the help of their attorney, has sent me a threatening letter saying I have to withdraw my statements and remove Youtube videos, and articles. I also have to apologize publicly or else they will file a suit against me for their economic losses due to the harm I have caused them. In my opinion OneCoin is like a cancer to the cryptocurrency community. I cannot give up, I cannot hide the truth, I cannot stay quiet about OneCoin/OneLife being a SCAM. So I decided to lawyer up which is going to be very expensive. If you want to help, please donate. If for SOME reason an attorney is unneeded the funds will be donated for educating the victims of OneCoin/OneLife in real cryptocurrency.
There is also an active way of supporting me without money. I have a team that has been successful in the past at taking down OneCoin/OneLife Youtube channels that were official channels. Just look up a OneCoin video like Tom McMurrain's New Currency University and report it as SCAM. Same goes for Onecoin/OneLife official Youtube channels. Our team really need your help right now. If many people do this we can take them down. Ultimately stopping them stealing people's money like the criminals that they are.
Remember this: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
- Mark Twain -
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