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Historical Articals on OneCoin / OneLife

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Date Geografical area Publisher Heading Link to Media
20170321 Sweden Carl Aalfred Dahl Swedish Police reopen investigation
20170427 India Crytocoin News Indian Police Crack Down on OneCoin with Seizures & Arrests
20170414 Kazakhstan BehindMLM OneCoin investors arrested in Kazakhstan
20160413 Norway Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet Informasjon om norsk regelverk for pyramidespill og pyramidelignende omsetningssystem -OneCoin Norge
00000000 Global Anonomus Wikipedia: OneCoin
20161220 Hungary PageOne Bank of Hungary shades OneCoin, calls it a pyramid scheme
20170104 Italy The Merkel Italy Bans Onecoin Over Fraud Investigations
20170224 Norway Aftenposten - C.A. Dahl Lotteritilsynet vil delta på møte om den omstridte nettvalutaen onecoin
20170210 Norway Aftenposten - C.A. Dahl Hun lokker nordmenn til å satse store penger på omstridt nettvaluta
20170417 Norway E24 - Karl Wig Har tusenvis av norske medlemmer – benekter norsk virksomhet
20170417 Norway E24 - Karl Wig Har ti ganger så mange medlemmer hos «söta bror»: Slik granskes OneCoin i Sverige
20170301 Norway E24 - Karl Wig Tusener av nordmenn er medlem. Nå setter bankene ned foten
20161020 Norway E24 - Karl Wig OneCoins norske advokat avviser pyramide-beskyldninger
20161003 Norway E24 - Karl Wig Tusener av nordmenn investerer i omstridt kryptovaluta
20170419 Norway BehindMLM Norwegian Gaming Board mulls going after OneCoin affiliates
20170428 Germany CoinDesk German Regulators Order OneCoin to 'Dismantle Trading System'
20170427 India The Merkle Mumbai Police Arrest 18 OneCoin Representatives, Seize Nearly US$3m in Assets
20170427 Germany GerlachReport Steinkeller brothers: murder threats against critics
20170427 India The Hindu 18 held for organising Ponzi scheme seminar
20170424 Global rhyzom43 OneCoin - one of the cheapest, dumbest, ugliest scams I've stumbled upon.
20170419 Global Bitsonline Cocaine, Women and Crime Bosses
20170416 Global Crypto Xpose Zain Khan - Onecoin blockchain technology on a SQL server
20170406 Global Crypto Xpose Bjørn Bjercke: OneCoin White Paper should include tests which can be duplicated.
20170406 Global Crypto Xpose Onecoin blockchain destroyed by blockchain specialist Bjørn Bjercke.
20170304 Spanish informacion bitcoin OneCoin no es basado en bloques y utiliza SQL para las monedas, dice escéptico
20170304 Global P. H. Madore OneCoin Isn’t Blockchain Based and Uses SQL for Coins, Says Skeptic
20170224 Global BehindMLM Blockchain Dev: OneCoin using SQL database script to generate coins
20170223 Global Ari Widell OneCoin was trying to recruit a blockchain specialist last year
20170329 Global Crypto Xpose OneLife selling only education? That's a lie.
20170414 Germany BehindMLM 25,000 OneCoin victims in Germany, investor losses over $424 million
20170426 India Express News Service OneCoin Case: Investors were told they would get massive returns in Dec 2018
20170427 Germany BaFin Prohibition of business with "OneCoins" in Germany
20170418 Germany BaFin Onecoin Ltd, Dubai: Prohibition of inclusion in unauthorized financial transfers
20170410 Germany BaFin IMS International Marketing Services GmbH : the freezing of accounts and settlement of illicit financial transfers Business
20170410 Germany BaFin IMS International Marketing Services GmbH: account freezing and winding-down of unauthorised money remittance business
20161001 Global OneLife OneCoin Products
20170424 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin: All the facts about the million scandal
20170425 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin: Is Ralf Paulick already insolvent?
20170425 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin: So you finally get the threesome
20170427 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin: Now complete ban in Germany
20170427 Macau, China GerlachReport OneCoin: Meeting in Macau prohibited by China
20170418 China GerlachReport OneCoin: Kari Wahlroos - off into the forced jacket
20170427 India GerlachReport OneCoin: Big razzia - Police raises cheating
20170426 Global GerlachReport OneCoin broke: The end of a bizarre idea
20170413 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin: The little luck of Kevin and Chiara
20170424 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin: Ralf Paulick and his daring lies
20170419 Germany GerlachReport OneCoin-Mafia: "Steinkeller Brothers" from South Tyrol
20140923 Europe BehindMLM OneCoin Review: 100-5000 EUR Ponzi point “cryptocurrency”
20160623 South Asia BehindMLM OneCoin investors arrested in Bangladesh
20170115 Global BehindMLM OneLife suspend OneCoin withdrawls, affiliates can’t cash out
20160503 UK itsaponzi onecoin scam review
20161202 Sweden Crypto Xpose TV4 Swedish News - OneCoin A New Pyramid Scheme
20160926 UK FCA Beware trading virtual currencies with OneCoin