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BBC: The true story of OneCoin / Onelife

told by Jamie Bartlett and producer Georgia Catt.

Review: The Missing Cryptoqueen

The low-down: Not to overhype it, but it took one episode for The Missing Cryptoqueen to become one of my favourite new podcasts of the year. The story, if you’re not familiar, is extraordinary. The podcast follows the recent true life journey of Dr Ruja Ignatova, founder of OneCoin a cultish form of cryptocurrency that saw her become a celebrity – she’d fill arenas with evangelical presentations about how her alternative to traditional banking would make participants rich. Within two years they had millions of members, and thousands of investors. And then, in 2017, she disappeared. Presenter Jamie Bartlett and producer Georgia Catt join the hunt and attempt to unravel this most modern of mysteries.

- NME Greg Cochrane’s Podcasts For The People -

Date Episode Title Sound file
2019.09.17 0
Introducing The Missing Cryptoqueen
2019.09.19 1
Dr Ruja
2019.09.19 2
The Bitcoin Killer
2019.09.26 3
More Than Just A Coin
2019.10.03 4
Miss OneLife
2019.10.10 5
What dreams may come
2019.10.17 6
2019.10.24 7
2019.10.31 8
2019.09.19 Extra
Beyond Today - Cryptoqueen: Why Did She Disappear
2019.09.19 Extra
UK talkRADIO - Interview with Jen and Jamie
skip to 4:05 into the podcast
2019.09.23 Extra
Worldwide cryptocurrency scam - and its missing founder
2019.09.26 Extra
The mystery of the disappearing 'Cryptoqueen'
BBC News
2019.10.03 Extra
OneCoin: The scam that refuses to die
2019.10.03 Extra
Holy Smoke podcast: the strange religion of cryptocurrency
The Spectator
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