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Mr. Bitcoin Norway


Is Bitcoin dead or dying?
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41 min inn addresses the electricity issue.

Who is Mr. Bitcoin Norway?

My name is Bjorn Bjercke and I have over 20 years of experience with IT solutions, of which 12 years in the Banking and Finance sector. In September 2013 my interest in Bitcoin sparked. Ever since then I have been exploring and partly digging my own tunnels in "the rabbit hole" that is Bitcoin. My profile page on Linkedin
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Bubble Burst in Bitcoin

Yes the bubble has burst in Bitcoin sevral times

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Be aware of State-sponsored propaganda

CBDC does not equal decentralized Cryptocurrency
CBDC is a centralized, inflationary, digital fiat system.

A simple definition on Blockchain

Blockchain is a value transfer verification system. Just like on the internet, where you can send information, you can send value on a Blockchain network. The difference is that on the internet you send a copy of the information, but on Blockchain you send the actual value without retaining a copy. The transaction itself can be verified by anyone connected to the network, so no one can cheat the system. So, no one can say they did not receive the value when they have received it. Equally, no one can say they sent the value if they did not.

A three-minute presentation on the cryptography behind the Bitcoin Blockchain from Oslo Blockchain Day 2016.

2021 - What is going on


Definition of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a non-debt based, irreversible, digital asset, with an intrinsic value in the security and inclusion of the payment system and decentralized governance structure that runs on a global transparent ledger on open networks like the Internet.

University of Nicosia

Lesson number Professor Link
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MOOC 13, 04th Andreas M. Antonopoulos UoNDC.png
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MOOC 13, 06th Andreas M. Antonopoulos UoNDC.png
MOOC 13, 07th Andreas M. Antonopoulos UoNDC.png
MOOC 13, 08th Antonis Polemitis UoNDC.png
MOOC 13, 09th Antonis Polemitis UoNDC.png
MOOC 13, 10th Antonis Polemitis UoNDC.png
MOOC 13, 11th Antonis Polemitis UoNDC.png
MOOC 13, 12th Antonis Polemitis UoNDC.png

Coinbase Transaction Laundering

Decoupling Bitcoins from Their Transaction History Using the Coinbase Transaction
Bjørn Bjercke & Keir Finlow-Bates 26 March 2020
The inspiration for the paper was a Halloween Linkedin post by Phil Millo
4th of January 2017 A man pays 50 btc in fees
Check out block 446633

What it is

What we need

Blockchain is not solving a problem; it's eliminating their existence

No government can attack Bitcoin


If your thinking about using bitcoin for illegal activity, think again and see this:How the US government is using blockchain.

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