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Bjørn's public involvement in OneCoin / Onelife

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Date Publicher About Link to Artical
20170515 The Cointelegraph OneCoin Nears End In Norway As Authorities Issue Ultimatum
20170502 Bits Online - Todd Byrne Onecoin Threatens Critics as Chinese Authorities Shut Down Event
20170509 Bitcoin Blog Bjorn Bjercke: OneCoin cancer is our community
20170515 The Cointelegraph OneCoin Controversy Intensifies As Attorney of Threatened Critic Asks New Questions
20170512 The Cointelegraph Clampdown on OneCoin Intensifies, OneLife CEO Abandons Ship
20170509 PageOne DXMarkets reportedly built OneCoin’s disputed blockchain
20170513 BehindMLM OneCoin twists arm of blockchain whitepaper author?
20170515 El Criptógrafo OneCoin Criticized by Lawyer
20170501 Libe Bitcoin News - JP Buntinx Onecoin Ltd. Sues Norwegian Blockchain Developer Over Defamation Claims
20170501 - Jamie Redman News Outlets and Journalists Are Being Threatened By Onecoin Lawyers
20170224 Behind MLM Blockchain Dev: OneCoin using SQL database script to generate coins
20170304 informacion bitcoin OneCoin no es basado en bloques y utiliza SQL para las monedas, dice escéptico
20170419 Bits Online - Todd Byrne Cocaine, Women and Crime Bosses
20170223 Ari Widell OneCoin was trying to recruit a blockchain specialist last year
20170424 rhyzom43 OneCoin - one of the cheapest, dumbest, ugliest scams I've stumbled upon.
20170304 Cryptocoins News - P. H. Madore OneCoin Isn’t Blockchain Based and Uses SQL for Coins, Says Skeptic
00000000 Bjørn Bjercke Bjørn Bjercke's linkedin Page
20170203 Bjørn Bjercke Follow up: Do you trust blockchain?
20170202 Bjørn Bjercke Do you trust blockchain?
20161026 Bjørn Bjercke Blockchain and major questions we need to understand.
20170406 Crypto Xpose Bjørn Bjercke: OneCoin White Paper should include tests which can be duplicated.
20170406 Crypto Xpose Onecoin blockchain destroyed by blockchain specialist Bjørn Bjercke.
20170416 Crypto Xpose Zain Khan - Onecoin blockchain technology on a SQL server
20170225 News BTC - JP Buntinx OneCoin Failed to Recruit a Blockchain Professional In 2016
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