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The Fish Explanation by Timothy Curry

May 14th, 2017 at 3:39 pm
A new exotic fish species is discovered in 2009 which is the best tasting fish in the world. It’s called bitfish.
Scientists study it and teach others to breed it and soon it is breeded in many parts of the world by thousands of people using the breeding manual and instructions to build fish farms so many people will be able to eat it.
The Health Department hadn’t done enough tests on bitfish for any conclusions of side effects to consumers and the big fisheries didn’t like that now there was a new fish on the block which the people liked and which they couldn’t control. Bitfish was “unpredictable!”
Later, some fellow fisherman scientists noticed all the interest in this bitfish and figured out that they could cross-breed this fish and it will become edible in 1/4 the time. This fish does not taste quite as good, but it’s still good and people can breed and eat it. But its a bit different and it was called LiteFish.
A few years go by and an avid young fisherman named Vitalik, who’s been eating and farming both bitfish and LiteFish says, “hmmf! What if I breed bitfish and LiteFish with FLYING FISH and Puffer Fish? The Puffer fish can hold information in its mouth, the flying fish can fly with it, the bitfish tastes fantastic and the LiteFish can breed in 1/4 the time; and anyone can farm my new “Etherfish” and use it not only for eating and farming, but to send non edible data of any kind in its big puffer mouth and make it fly right onto the plate of the hungry, a farm across the world, or into someone’s place of business for them to sign whats in the mouth and make it fly back home to me or anyone/ anywhere else in the world. It will also feed on a new type of plankton called 'EtherPlank!' Brilliant!!”
Meanwhile a group of several checkered individual chefs who have all owned several notoriously terrible restaurants begin conspiring in the background.
Each and every one of these restaurants and their chefs had been shut down previously by the Health Department, by upset Yelp reviews warning others not to eat there or they'd get sick, by Tax Authorities, as well as Compliance Regulators and many many inspectors abroad.
They had listed “authentic Mediterranean Seabass” on their menus (which turned out to be common Pollack), They claimed to serve “100% Kobe Beef” (which turned out to be kangaroo meat), and their customers got very sick and many went to the hospital because these “restaurateurs” kitchens were infested with cockroach and rats!
They were disease breeding grounds, but each restaurant took time fur word to get out and purple warned before they were each and all shut down or kicked out of town by angry customers!
Since all their restaurants had closed under poor conditions and circumstances, the owners/ chefs who sold their fake fish, Kobe beef and rotten food to their customers (but got rich doing it, minds you!), plotted together to get into the fish science business – or at least claimed that to be their intention!
Together, they announced that they had now created “ONEFISH!” These same restaurateurs who made a living off of making customers miserable and sick were now claiming that “ONEFISH” was better and tastier than bitfish, faster than LiteFish, and later even adopted a story that ONEFISH can fly further with more stuff in its mouth than Etherfish (which they hadn't even thought of before)!
They called it “the Bitfish/ Etherfish Killer!”
The difference is that “ONEFISH” is placed in a box at ‘a secret place under the sea.’ No-one can even peak inside the box and no one can eat “ONEFISH” or really do anything at all with it. …but ONEFISH is ‘better’ than any other fish!” they said.
ONEFISH was even supposed to be served at fine restaurants everywhere at the end of 2015 (announced at Dubai in May, earlier that year), and customers who had paid various fees to be educated about this fish and its box would be able to sell the fish they’d bought to these restaurants sometime in the future.
Unfortunately for ONEFISH owners, these dates were always pushed back and the following year the chefs claimed the reason was that there simply weren’t enough onefish in the box to feed the restaurants, let alone other customers in India and Africa who might bee interested.
So they announced that they’d be putting BILLIONS and BILLIONS more fish in the box (but those who already paid in would get a 2 for one deal on theirs now which they could sell to the finest restaurants for even more at some time in the future).
For a very short period of time the chefs experimented with an internal fish market, but everyone wanted to sell The fish in The box and no one was buying. The fish in The box would sit in The market until The box became smelly and had to be thrown back in the sea.
Vitalik and the rest of the fishermen, scientists and farmers ALL KNEW that there was not even ONEFISH in the box, but that the box was empty.
They noticed that these bad chefs-turned-scientists had no qualifications or idea of how to breed fish at all! They were bad bad people and the fishermen KNEW FOR A FACT that they were lying; and furthermore not a single investor they’d attracted had ever spent a single day at sea in their life, let alone fished.
They couldn’t even tell the difference in taste between LiteFish and Bitfish, and knew even less about Etherfish (although ONEFISH claimed to have a puffer-like mouth which could also hold documents, of course; and do much more).
The moral of this story is that no-one is a “Onecoin hater” because they are jealous, afraid, dedicated to any specific fish (cryptocurrency), or anything else.
The fact is that Onecoin is not a cryptocurrency. It never was. There is no “fish in the box,” and at least until today’s date (or further), there has never been @blockchain.
Neither you (Ozzy) nor the company has ever “mined” any coins. There is no "fish farm). You were lied to. For 36 months! The company has lied about NUMEROUS media events and other news. The founders have EXTENSIVE HISTORY in ponzi schemes and fraud, and several even have criminal convictions.
The fact that you don’t realize this …or don’t want to, just shows that you haven’t bothered to verify any of the claims of the company, nor disproven any of the FACTS presented by its detractors (the fishermen and scientists).
Unfortunately, you screwed yourself by believing bad chefs had now become legitimate scientists and you are still defending a fraud which was designed as a massive fraud since day one.
  Now, 2 1/2 years later, all the Regulators, Authorities, angry Yelp customers and deceived investors are DEMANDING to see what's in the box. So, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, the evil chefs are desperately trying to breed a "fish" which may somehow slightly resemble the one which they said was secretly kept in a box at the bottom of the sea and have hired irreputable scientists to FINALLY BEGIN trying to put SOMETHING in that box which they Will claim has always been there.
And THAT'S the problem with bad chefs.
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